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About Us

Ridgeclassifieds.com is an extension of DailyRidge.Com. We wanted a better website for buying & selling things. Some websites are not “family friendly”, such as certain types of lists webpages. Some offer illicit goods or services, and that’s not where we’d allow our kids to go to begin their entrepreneurial ventures!  We wanted a site that was safer for all.

Some websites are not “user friendly”.  Some have broad categories where you can find a butter churn listed alongside a combine-harvester for sale.  We wanted better categories.

Some websites are not “photo friendly”  They don’t allow photos, limit photos, or only use small photos.  We wanted better photos to describe our items.  Remember what a picture is worth?

Some websites are too “spammer/scammer friendly”.  Their systems and methods (and wide popularity) make it easy for nefarious interests to promote themselves.

Some websites are not “locally friendly”.  You might see a great deal and contact the seller.  After you discover the item is 150 miles away, it doesn’t seem like a great deal.  We wanted a site that kept items closer – to be used by our community for our community.

Some websites are not “buyer friendly”.  If you know and trust the seller, you are still in the position to “get there first” because it’s not reasonable to ask sellers to hold items just because you think you want it.  We wanted a website where you could put a deposit on an item – or pay for it fully – so the ad can be removed and the seller can ship the item to you or hold it for pickup.

Some websites are not “visually friendly”.  We won’t name names here, but there are some downright ugly sites out there!  We wanted a website that was simple to use and well designed.

Some websites are not “calendar friendly”.  Some local classified sites have for-sale postings over a year old!  We didn’t like wading through out-dated ads.  We wanted a website that stayed current.

Some websites are not “posting friendly”.  When we visit a website we don’t expect 3 million ads, but we don’t want to see only 10 ads either!  We wanted a site that keeps a decent inventory of ads and a continuing flow of new ads to attract others to visit.

Some websites are not “category friendly”.  What good is a category if there’s nothing in it?  We wanted a website that only shows a category when there’s actually something in it.

With all these “wants” and wishful thinking, we simply got tired of waiting for this kind of website to magically appear.  We decided to start RidgeClassifieds.Com.

We hope you like it – and more importantly – we hope you use it.

Let us know what you think – and if you have any ideas on how to make it better, please let us know!

You can reach us by email at classifieds@dailyridge.com

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